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            Hybrid Inverter
            SPH 4000TL3 BH
            SPH 5000TL3 BH
            SPH 6000TL3 BH
            SPH 8000TL3 BH
            SPH 10000TL3 BH
            2.4KWH Battery
            3 Piece
            3 Piece
            3 Piece
            4 Piece
            5 Piece
            DC Cable 4mm2
            200 Meter
            200 Meter
            200 Meter
            300 Meter
            300 Meter
            MC4 Connector
            10 Set
            10 Set
            10 Set
            15 Set
            15 Set
            Mounting System
            Metal Roof/Tile Roof/Tilt Mounting/Ground Mounting
            PV Tools
            1 Set

            * Above information is for reference only, specific configuration is depend on customer's requirement and in accordance with the actual order. 


            The best of all worlds - this system comprises solar power with battery backup and all excess power generated by the solar panels is returned to the grid. Smart inverters can be programmed to use battery power during municipality peak tariff times. In the ultimate hybrid configuration, power can be generated by solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generator or mains, alone or in any combination.

            Mono/Poly Solar Panel

            Tolerance: 0~5W
            Application Class: Class A
            Maximum System Voltage: 1000VDC/1500VDC
            Operating Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
            Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 20A
            Warranty: 12 years quality warranty

            Hybrid Three-Phase inverter

            Max. PV Input Power : 4/5/6/7/8/9/10KW
            Mac.DC voltage:1000V
            No. of MPP trackers:2
            AC voltage range : 230V/400V(310~476V)
            Battery voltage range:100~550V
            Warranty: 5-10 years

            B4850 Lithium Ion Batteries

            Nominal Capacity:50ah
            Nominal Voltage:48V
            Nominal Battery Energy:2.4KWh
            Protection Level:IP20
            Communication:CAN / RS485 / DRY CONTACT
            Certification & Safety

            Remote Monitoring System

            Real-Time Display
            Years of Historical Data
            Functionality Control
            View Financial Savings
            Plug & Play Installation
            Email System Alerts

            PV Mounting System

            Model Type: Roof/Ground
            Material: Al6005 & SUS304/316 & HDG
            Mid & End Clamp: 35,40,45,50mm
            Application: Residential/Commercial/Industrial
            Packing: Wooden Box and Wrapping Film
            Warranty: 10 Years Warranty

            PV Cable & Connector

            Model Type: PV1-F
            Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2
            Rated Voltage: AC 600/1000V, DC 1800V
            Color: Black & Red
            Warranty: 10 years quality warranty
            Life Span: At least 25 years

            PV Tools

            PV Connector Crimper
            Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper
            PV Connector Spanner
            Cross Screwdriver