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            FOR A FUTURE


            Ideal New Energy is a high-tech solar modules manufacturer founded in 2010, which dedicates to developing, and delivering highly reliable, cost-effective solar modules and integrated PV energy solutions. With?several?years of steady development, Ideal?New Energy?achieves significant growth in terms of capacity expansion?to 1GW.?Mainly sell to EU, Australia, Canada, South America, Middle East?and South-East Asia.?Customer’s satisfaction constantly drives?our crew to achieve higher goals. Ideal will continues to push the decrease of solar energy cost, and makes contributions to the development of global clean and environment-friendly energy.

            • Solar Module

              We provide production and customized services of high efficiency mono/poly solar modules with TUV/CE/ISO.
            • Solar System

              We provide solar grid-tie power system, solar off-grid stand-alone system, hybrid solar system, and other solar system components.
            • Solar Solution

              We provide one stop solar solution service, including pv module serivice, technology support, customized service, marketing cooperation.

            SOLAR MODULES

            A global partner you can rely on!
            Ideal dedicates to providing highly reliable and more cost-effective modules, In the test lab, we put our solar modules through over 20 rigorous tests to ensure reliability and performance. This allows us to confidently stand behind our 25 years and 30 years power output warranty.

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            Energy Storage Solutions

            • Leading Technology

              Advanced turn key lithium battery storage systems, controlled by EMS and BMS with cutting edge algorithm to improve battery lifetime and efficiency.
            • Safe & reliable

              Certified by international authorities, Ideal Storage products are well recognized with outstanding product safety and reliability.
            • Various Solutions

              Ideal provides customized energy storage solutions for on-grid, off-grid, hybrid and micro-grid applications at both residential and industrial & commercial levels.
            • Global Energy Service Provider

              Ideal is helping to advance the clean energy revolution in over 60 different countries and regions. Making clean energy beneficial to the greatest extent to everyone in the world.

            Inquiry for pricelist

            If you want to purchase solar module or solar system, welcome to contact us feel free!

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